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Sweet Treats Fairfield County, Ohio

Lancaster, Ohio 43130

Arlington Ice Cream Parlor 1458 N Columbus St, Lancaster, Ohio, 43130, 740-652-9305
Cold Stone Creamery 1621 E. Main St., Lancaster, Ohio, 43130, (740) 654-8396
Dairy Queen Brazier of Lancaster 1150 E Main St., Lancaster, Ohio, 43130, (740) 653-7257
Dairy Queen Brazier of Lancaster 602 W Fair Ave., Lancaster, Ohio, 43130, (740) 654-9610
Four Reasons Bakery & Deli(Graeters' Ice Cream) 135 W Main, Lancaster, Ohio, 43130, (740) 654-2253
Gypsy Joes Ice Cream 2337 W Fair Av., Lancaster, Ohio, 43130, (740) 687-2400
Nancy's Scoops 1804 Fair Ave, Lancaster, Ohio, 43130, (740) 785-5661
Whits Frozen Custard 1748 N Memorial Dr, Lancaster, Ohio, 43130, (740) 653-7995
Yo.m.g! (Yogurt Made Great) 1405 Ety Road, Lancaster, Ohio, 43130, (740) 420.9490
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Pickerington, Ohio 43137

Cold Stone Creamery 1718 Hill Rd North, Pickerington, Ohio, 43147, (614) 868-9801
Dairy Queen Pickerington 541 Hill Rd. N., Pickerington, Ohio, 43147, (614) 837-8676
Graeter's Ice Cream 1500 Cross Creek Blvd, Pickerington, Ohio, 43147, (614) 755-9865
Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt 10503 Blacklick Eastern Rd, Pickerington, Ohio, 43147, (614) 309-9733
Smoothie King 10501 Blacklick Eastern Rd, Pickerington, Ohio, 43147, (614) 759-9183
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Baltimore, Ohio 43105

Schaffner's Drive In 601 W Market, Baltimore, Ohio, 43105, 740-862-6832
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Bremen, Ohio 43107

Bremen Drive In 51 Angle St, Bremen, Ohio, 43107, (740) 569-4504
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Millersport, Ohio 43036

Weldon Ice Cream Company 2887 Canal Dr NE, Millersport, Ohio, 43046, (740) 467-2400
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Pleasantville, Ohio 43148

M & M Ice Cream & Pizza 103 S Main St., Pleasantville, Ohio, 43148, (740) 468-7108
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Canal Winchester, Ohio 43110

Whits Frozen Custard 7520 Hill Rd, Canal Winchester, Ohio, 43110, (614) 834-3370
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GypsyJoe's Ice Cream & Donut Co.
2237 W Fair Ave Lancaster, Ohio 43130
Gypsy Joe's

Hours: Monday-Thursday 6am-9 pm, Friday-Saturday 6am-10pm, Sunday 7:30am-9pm

Weldon Olde Fashion Ice Cream Parlor
2887 Canal Dr, NE, Millersport, Ohio 43046
Weldon's Ice Cream

Hours: 11am-8 pm

Whit's Frozen Custard-Lancaster
1748 N Memorial Dr Lancaster, Ohio 43130
Whit's Frozen Custard

Welcome to Whit's Frozen Custard Made Fresh Daily® (now that's a mouthful!) As our name states, we make our frozen custard fresh every day so you can enjoy the best experience that frozen custard has to offer. And if you knew how much love and care we put into each batch of Whit's frozen custard (we start at 6 am) you'd understand why we only feature three flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Whit's Special Weekly Flavor.

Three flavors is all anyone needs to create an endless variety of flavor combinations when you consider all our fruit toppings, nuts, and candies that can be blended into custard to make our famous Whitser™. And you can't go wrong with our hand-dipped waffle cones and all our other delicious treats.

Whit's frozen custard is made fresh daily, right in our stores.

Hours: Sunday-Thursday Noon-9pm, Friday-Saturday Noon-10pm